Quality Music: Nothing Less(er)


Abel was the son of Adam, slain by his brother Cain. Abel is also the name of the indie rock outfit whose new album Lesser Men is due out next week from Come&Live, a label that encourages free sharing and distribution of its artists’ music in order to share the message. This Christian band is worship minded, but unlike so many acts with a similar focus, their musicianship and composition doesn’t fall by the wayside. After only a few short listens, it’s no secret that this band is focused, driven, and extremely talented.

Comparisons to the music of bands like Mute Math, The Juliana Theory, Silverchair, Thrice, All Star United, and the Newsboys would all be justified in discussion of Abel’s sound on Lesser Men (a smaller act from Philadelphia, circa 2005, called Paper Tiger also comes to mind, especially in the guitar work). Catchy hooks, layered sounds, soaring guitars, great musicianship, and tight production are all hallmarks of this release. Lesser Men boasts clean sound that usually maintains it’s edge, uplifting and powerful from the opening track to the two-part closer.

On the first listen, tracks like “Lesser Men” and “Atlantic: The Broken Hearted King” stand out. The title track presenting ear catching drums and extremely well done vocals. The latter being the first part of the two-part closing track, is a powerful song opening to closer, building up and coming down throughout the song, evoking emotion and rocking out.

On the next listen, tracks like “Standing Still” and “Martyr” hit home. “Standing Still” is toe tapping and catchy. “The Martyr” reels the listener in with soaring guitars that harken to the epicness of Coldplay.

On the third listen, it becomes apparent that “Saints” is pure genius, easily the best track on the album. From the gang vocal intro to driving beat to the incredible lyrics, the song hits like a thud to the chest. Powerful, powerful, powerful… not since Mute Math’s “Control” has there been such an anthem.

Lyrically, as noted above, Abel is unapologetic in their praise for their Maker, but don’t assume that means the non-Believer cannot enjoy this album. Incredibly well written music accompanies the band’s pleas and assertions. Powerful music for fans of great indie rock and worship music alike, Lesser Men is a must listen album.


~ by thepaintedman on October 14, 2010.

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