Shorties: Hard and Soft


Brain Banger – Munsoned

This aptly named band rocks hard. Paying little attention, I threw this CD in my work computer for a first listen while I busted out some work. I popped in my earbuds and suddenly I was pounded over the head with rock and/or roll. Quite simply, this EP is one of the most impressive independent rock releases of 2010.

Munsoned is the Louisville, Kentucky 3-piece’s sophomore release, 5 tracks with a unique sounds that blends influences of 90’s grunge, 80’s punk, and modern hardcore with a straight forward rock mentality. Fans of Rise Against, Dead Kennedys, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and even crappy modern arena rock ala Puddle of Mudd can find a lot to appreciate on this release. Powerful, well crafted, toe tapping, head banging anthems that will get caught in your head all day all the while rocking your face off, Munsoned is the heir to the harder side of the garage rock throne. For those who may remember the Project 86 side project Crash Rickshaw, this one should make you remember how awesome you felt about music when you first heard their 2001 self-titled LP.

PS. The EP’s title nod to the bowling comedy starring Woody and Bill does not go unnoticed.


Davy Mooney – Ghosts of Music, Past

James Taylor is apparently putting out new music; he’s teamed up with a couple of college music majors who are into smooth jazz and hired Sufjan Stevens to produce. I kid, I kid… but that’s not a horrible description of Davy Mooney’s sound on this 15 track collection of songs he’s written of the past 15 years, well specifically in the years from 1995 to 2003.

While this may be more my parents’ style than mine, I suspect that numerous NPR listeners and coffee shop goers will find this a near perfect release. The vocals, both lead and harmonies, are smooth and relaxing. The music is smooth and understated. The overall feel of the music is swaying and contemplative.

On Ghosts of Music, Past, Davy Mooney proves why so many have noticed his quality musicianship and his songwriting talent. One listen and it will be hard not to notice.


~ by thepaintedman on October 19, 2010.

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