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Having received a copy of a 5 song promo from Warner Drive featuring songs from K-GO!, thepaintedman must admit that he is quite stoked on hearing their upcoming release. All 5 tracks on the promo contain well crafted alternative rock with a punk edge and metallic sensabilities. Rather than a review, consider this an endorsement for checking this band out. Song by song, this is why you could enjoy what you will hear.

“Ok K-GO!” is the opening track on the promo and for good reason. Its high energy punk sound will get the listener moving no matter how hard they try to sit still. Something about this track brings The Living End to mind, and anyone who knows what good punk rock is knows that is a compliment. Enjoyable track that you may have to put on repeat.

“Faking Smiles” rocks a bit more like a radio alt-rock gem. Catchy riffs start the track off, then the edgy vocals come in to provide the foreground to the music’s rock heavy backdrop. This song will appeal to fans of alt-rock bands like Eve 6 and All-American Rejects, but will also draw in fans of arena rock ala Nickelback and Puddle of Mudd.

“Miles Away” is an obligatory rock ballad done well. There is a slight country sound in this track, but nothing to force the metalheads from enjoying this Poison-esque ballad.

“Hey Mister” has a catchy chorus and the vocals shine throughout. Toe-tapping and yet hard rocking, this track is another that could conjur all types of comparisons. Can’t help but continue to hear a bit of a hair band influence, especially in the guitar work. This one is a sing along song that the crowds at Warner Drive’s shows must love singing along to.

“The Scarecrow” has a lot of metal influence. The vocals comes across strong here. At times, you may think that Metallica is rocking in your stereo, but the pop punk and even jazz type breakdowns that find their way into the track will clarify that this is something interesting and unique.

Overall, these 5 tracks should be reason enough to give the band a chance. As a punk rocker at hear, “Ok K-GO!” is the shining star for thepaintedman, but you may find that other tracks tickle your fancy a bit more.

Stay tuned for a full review of the upcoming album, but for now, wet your whistles on Warner Drive’s MySpace page and let them know what you think.


~ by thepaintedman on October 29, 2010.

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