10 in 10: December Edition

Forgive me as I have forgone Football Friday this week, I am still tuckered out from Thursday night’s Eagles win. I may have some thoughts on the Eagles and the NFC over the weekend to share with you all.

Instead, I present to you a 10 in 10 with some albums and EPs I’ve been checking out lately.

1. Adam Stephens We Live On Cliffs Good folky pop for fans of Sufjan and David Gray.


2. Old Canes Feral Harmonic Country bluegrass alt-rock romp. Tap you toe and sing along.


3. The Dirty Heads Any Port in a Storm I love me some white boy reggae. Sublime protégés done good.


4. Circle of Animals Destroy the Light Gloom and doom industrial music to score your next nightmare.


5. Grandfather Why I’d Try Fair that critics dig this. Just not for me, though.


6. Titan Sweet Dreams Muse and Dream Theater had a mute baby…rock and roll!


7. Past Present: Breaking Out the Classics This is seriously rad! Love the nostalgia and the rock.

(Check back next week for a full review of this must have hardcore gem)


8. Fisch Loops When Phones Had Cords Wacked out sample driven indie hip hop, no rapper needed.


9. Exploding in Sound: WAX UNBOUND Killer free compilation, download free here.


10. Pacer No. 1 Chunksaah knows punk rock. Pacer is punk rock.



~ by thepaintedman on December 4, 2010.

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  1. […] Fisch and was lucky to get the chance to check out 3 of his projects for review on this site (a few words, literally, on Fisch Loops, here). Today, I present to you the one that has caught my ear most at this point (though I must admit I […]

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